I have typically worked in call centers. Crap jobs but better pay (and bonuses!). But I was good at what I did. Damn good. Even during my brief stint as a debt collector (where I made 6 times my goal my first only month out). I probably sound like every other unwilling SAHM out there, (especially those with those extra degrees), but I think I have something to contribute. I have an excellent customer service history, an ass-busting food-service history, and obviously, I gets my money (even during a repression).

Starbucks doesn’t seem to think so.

I have to say, I thought job-hunting was depressing enough. But to get rejected for a job that will give me less than half the pay and half the hours of the last one I had is depressing. Especially when I’m up against sporadic-availabity, call-out-because-I’m-so-hungover college students. Don’t complain about the stereotype… I was one. If you knew the school these kids were going to, you’d understand why I say that (because I went there too).

I want to get drunk and soak my depression away in a bubble-filled tub, clutching a trashy novel and smoking cigarettes I keep swearing I’ll quit.

But then I’ll have a hangover and need to run to Starbucks in the morning.